An Arvigo® Success Story

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This comes to us from Arvigo® Practitioner Sue Calvert in the United Kingdom from her client Sara: I have PCOS and as a result have struggled to have a family naturally. After many years of non-existent periods and two years of trying unsuccessfully to have a family I sought medical help and after a good deal of tests later I was found not to ovulate. As a result of this I was signed up to begin a programme of fertility treatment at my local hospital however I had to wait for the beginning of my menstrual cycle. Ten weeks went by and my window of treatment was slipping away. At this point I contacted Sue Calvert to ask for her help in starting and regulating my menstrual cycle. I initially came for reflexology, but when I shared my diagnosis with Sue she suggested a more specialised therapy called "Arvigo® Abdominal Therapy". I immediately wanted to try this new therapy and booked a session with Sue. The massage was intense and surprisingly energising unlike most massage which is relaxing. Sue concentrated on my womb and ovaries and a number of problems with my back. After my very first session my menstrual cycle started the very next day so I was then able to begin treatment at the hospital and began Stimulated IUI. I was at this point injecting into my stomach so I did not book another session with Sue although she had taught me how to undertake the self-care massage at home. Unfortunately the IUI did not work, so I booked in with Sue for an intense course of weekly massages. My cycle is usually ten to twelve weeks long however Sue was able to start my cycle after approximately six weeks. I then undertook the next programme of IUI and continued the self massage techniques. I am happy to report that my second cycle of IUI was a success and I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with my first child. I whole heartily believe that Sue helped me to regain my menstrual cycle and then regulate it to eventually conceive. I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment to other women suffering from menstrual problems or struggling to conceive and I will be visiting her again when planning baby number two - Thanks Sue!!! As an update Sue reports that Sara delivered a "beautiful baby girl"!