Journeys in Healing; "Rosita Remarks" on Painful Periods December 2014

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Rosita’s Remarks …

Journeys in Healing:  Experiences of Arvigo Practitioners and their Clients

This is the first in a series of commentaries by Dr. Rosita Arvigo on the clinical practice outcomes presented in the recently published book Journeys in Healing: Experiences of Arvigo Practitioners and their Clients.  To access an excerpt from the book that contains the case study chapter being discussed in this blog post, “Madeleine ~ Healing from a Lifetime of Painful Periods”, click here.  For more information about the book that includes more than 30 additional case studies focusing on reproductive and digestive wellness practice- based outcomes with the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, click here.


Rosita’s Remarks about Madeleine ~ Healing from a Lifetime of Painful Periods

Arvigo™ Therapy practitioners everywhere see many women for painful periods with positive results.  We are amazed at how many women have suffered this malady for decades of their reproductive life.  The years of pain and nausea Madeleine experienced until her IUD was finally removed is upsetting to a practitioner of natural therapies.  It pains us to hear that a woman’s call for help was unheeded and that, in the end, just as she suspected, it was caused by the IUD.  This would have been a call easy enough to make for an Arvigo™ practitioner because we know that her pain was an attempt by the body to dispel the malfunctioning device in her womb.  Her chills and nausea were both clear signs that her body was trying to dislodge the IUD. I would congratulate her that she had the good sense to insist that it be removed.

The second response I have to Madeleine’s case is how her sexual history has played into her health all along.  She uses words like “disconnected”, “shame”, “fear” and “distrust” to describe her emotions.  As she is able to continue with the Arvigo™ professional treatments and if she continues to be loyal to self-care massage at home, she will be able to gradually release the blocked, stored emotions from her abdomen – the fourth armor block and third chakra.  Here, she is holding on to the emotions surrounding the painful memories of unfulfilling, even abusive sex.  Muscles in this area respond to our emotional states with tension, tightness and even severe spasms.  This leads to constriction of arterial and venous blood flow, nerve function and chi to all abdominal and pelvic organs.  When these systems are blocked, pathology can result.  Once these avenues of blood, lymph and nerve flow are restored, symptoms gradually lessen until they are completely gone. 

We know that Arvigo™ Therapy combined with acupuncture improves the client’s outcome tremendously.  I admire that Arvigo™ practitioner and acupuncturist Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss proceeded gently and slowly with Madeleine, working to match her client’s physical and emotional capacity.  Madeleine was introduced to Arvigo™ Therapy through the Self Care weekend workshop, a most basic tenet of our service to women.  It’s gratifying to me that doors to Madeleine’s healing were opened through that workshop which I started more than thirty years ago as a way to reach as many women as possible and to introduce the whole concept of self-care abdominal massage to the public.  Li-Lan is one of our most inspiring teachers of this two and a half day training.  You can review the Arvigo Institute workshop and course schedule at

We do not know if Li-Lan recommended herbal vaginal steams for Madeleine, but she would be a perfect candidate for this uterine cleansing treatment.  Madeleine’s practice of meditation and grounding in front of her home altar are all excellent choices that show she is motivated to continue with her physical and spiritual healing journey, and we see that she understands the connection that her spiritual life has to her physical body.

It makes sense that Madeleine had such a severe period just before her husband left for 4 months.  My interpretation is that her uterus was responding to her understandable emotional upset at the pending absence of her tender, caring lover.  At this stage of life, she is fortunate to have found the balm of true love and her psyche feared its loss.  I’m sure she will be helped through this in therapy sessions and will come to see that the reaction, while severe and painful, was to be expected.  It would be good for Madeleine to do some Uterine Meditation* sessions while her husband is away to talk to her uterus and ovaries to explain that he is going away temporarily and that soon they will be united again…no need to freak out.  I can imagine that her womb went into a spasm out of fear of losing her lover and male support. 

So, Madeleine’s journey has been a long one, but she is in good hands and on the right road to healing.

Note: (*) Uterine Meditation audio cd available at