Launching our Blog

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Good Day to Everyone, We are pleased to announce the launch of the Arvigo Institute public blog which will feature posts from Arvigo practitioners about their work and experiences in their community. You are welcome and invited to read and comment. Come back soon to see our first practitioner post, an update by Rosita Arvigo, founder of the techniques that bear her name.


Arvigo hands extending throughout Europe

Greetings from the Bronx! I can't imagine what Don Elijio would think if he knew that his meeting with a young woman from Chicago would ultimately have an impact on introducing traditional healing BACK into Europe. I say back because having met 8 incredible women in Greece this past month it was clear to me that this ancient healing modality has been dormant for decades only now to be woken up by the caring hands of those who have entered the Arvigo community of healers. As Vivian, Mina & I watched the transformation of these students over a weeks time we observed the AHA'S appearing one by one as to the simplicity of this sacred work yet profound & therapeutic on so many levels. Those of us in the states have been witness to the same results as well but to now see that Don Elijios' work, wisdom & that of the ancient Maya is returning to the 21st century is a sight to behold. We now have practitioners in Italy, Germany, Czech republic, Hungary & more in Greece & the UK to touch those who come to us for healing. As a teacher of this work I am constantly reminded to keep things simple to respect that the tradititonal healers knowledge was limited to the understanding of why or how but just knew it worked & the results would follow. And to trust in spirit to support the sacredness of this work. If you've heard Rositas' prayer at the beginning & end of workshops she always includes a request that "we join our hands so that together we can wipe the tears of the poor & the sick."
I have no doubt that there are thousands who we have reached & are better for it. I know for one, I am. In gratitude to Rosita, don Elijio, & the tradition of maya medicine I am proud to be a part of this community.
Tiera Mi Querpo, Agua Mi Sangre, Viento mi Aire, Fuego Mi Espiritu.