Rosita Remarks: Journeys in Healing "Unexplained Infertility or; Mom Knows Best!

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Rosita Remarks …Journeys in Healing:  Experiences of Arvigo Practitioners and their Clients

This is the second in a series of commentaries by Dr. Rosita Arvigo on the clinical practice outcomes presented in the recently published book Journeys in Healing: Experiences of Arvigo Practitioners and their Clients.  To access an excerpt from the book that contains the case study chapter being discussed in this blog post, “Vivian~ Unexplained Infertility: Mom Knows Best”, click here.  For more information about the book that includes more than 30 additional case studies focusing on reproductive and digestive wellness practice- based outcomes with the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, click here.


Rosita’s Remarks about Vivian ~ Unexplained Infertility: Mom Knows Best

Vivian’s conception journey with Arvigo Therapy practitioner Katinka Locascio really resonated with me on a personal level, because I, too, have experienced the confusion and anguish that surrounds a fertility challenge.  My personal journey to conceive a third child lasted more than twelve years.

Vivian’s mother told of her journey to Mexico and how her grandmother gave her the uterine massage and recommended a vaginal steam after which she was able to conceive.  Therein lies the crux and the heart of our work with these ancient folk techniques.  Many women in Central and South America are still fortunate to have elders in the household or village who know how to perform the specific external uterine massage that repositions the uterus.  Once the uterus has been coaxed into normal position (in Vivian’s case from retroversion) blood supply is normalized and then the vaginal steam can do its job of cleansing the uterine membrane to make a better and softer implantation site for a fertilized ovum.  The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® were born under just such circumstances.  Our mentors, Don Elijio Panti and midwife Hortence Robinson of Belize, were taught by elders who were taught by elders who were taught by elders. For thousands of years, although less and less with each passing decade,  men and women sobaderas (massage therapists) of Central and South America have done this healing for each other with work-worn hands. 

From decades of experience, we Arvigo Therapy practitioners know that this combination of uterine massage and vaginal steam is often the kiss of birth – often the missing modality that can restore a woman’s fertility.  I liked that Vivian independently decided to stop the birth control pills for one year before she married...very, very smart of her to give her ovaries a chance to normalize their hormonal production after six years of synthetic hormones. It also happens that, in cases like Vivian’s, the first pregnancy is not successful; she had a chemical pregnancy.

So, what is a chemical pregnancy?  A chemical pregnancy is actually a very early miscarriage, which takes place before anything can be seen on an ultrasound scan – usually around the fifth week of pregnancy.  It indicates that a sperm has fertilized the egg, but with time, the egg fails to survive.  Chemical pregnancies will still show a change in the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), allowing the initial pregnancy test to show positive.  Early miscarriage on a first pregnancy is not unusual for women undergoing Arvigo Therapy treatments to enhance fertility, especially if they have taken birth control pills for a period of years as Vivian did.  Sad and frustrating to be sure, but still, we are encouraged that she was able to conceive.  As did Katinka, the Arvigo practitioner continues to work with the client stressing the importance of consistent self-care massage at home, as well as vaginal steams and other appropriate modalities.

Arvigo Therapy practitioners see many women with unexplained infertility.  We are able to help because we know that allopathically trained physicians have little knowledge of the importance of uterine position, often the cause of unexplained infertility.  We rely on the normalization and strengthening of homeostasis and hemodynamics, “H & H” as we like to refer to them.  Homeostasis is “balance within” that refers to all physiological systems, glands and organs working in harmony with each other as nature intended.  Hemodynamics is the unimpeded flow of arterial and venous blood.  When these two function optimally, the body’s innate ability to heal itself reigns, and healing “miracles” occur.  Arvigo practitioners know that we are not the “fixers”, but rather the hands that assist the body’s dynamic forces to function at the highest efficiency; we facilitate the healing process.  When trying to conceive, a woman’s ovaries, cervix, vagina, uterus, anterior pituitary, hypothalamus, thyroid and nervous, circulatory, lymphatic systems must all work in tandem for her.  Assisting these internal dynamics to achieve balance is what we do best.

I was so happy to read at the end of this chapter that Vivian conceived.  I heard myself sigh with joy for her.