Arvigo Practitioner (AP)
These health care professionals have completed initial training to prepare them to apply the Arvigo Techniques in their work with clients. They are authorized to present themselves as Arvigo practitioners while working toward certified status.

Arvigo Advanced Pregnancy (AAP)
These Arvigo practitioners have attended the Supporting Pregnancy from Pre-Conception to Postpartum Training.

Certified Arvigo Practitioner (CAP)
These healthcare professionals have completed initial and advanced training in the Arvigo Techniques.

Arvigo Spiritual Healing Practitioners (ASHP)
These practitioners have attended training in the techniques of Maya Spiritual Healing as taught by Dr. Rosita Arvigo.

Arvigo Community Educator (ACE)
These Certified Arvigo Practitioners are authorized to schedule and present the Arvigo Hands on Healing the Maya Way one day introductory course.

Arvigo Certified Self Care Teacher  (ACSCT)
These Certified Arvigo Practitioners are authorized to schedule and present the Arvigo Self Care course and the Hands on Health the Maya Way one day introductory course.

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first name last name email city state/zone country AP AAP CAP ASHP ACE ACSCT
Claudia Dalcin Zanchin email London (Clapham North), St Margarets, Surrey (Claygate) 0 United Kingdom - - -
Dr. Jeannie Achuff, ND email Victoria BC Canada - - - - -
Jade Adair email Belfast, Northern Ireland 0 United Kingdom - - - - -
Kena Aguilera email - - - - -
Tamao Albert email Arlington VA United States - - -
Ihotu Jennifer Ali, MPH email Minneapolis MN United States - - - - -
Liana Allen email Fair Oaks CA United States - - - - -
Liz Allen email Bozeman MT United States - - - -
Ariane Amsz email Northport NY United States - - -
Lesley Anderson email Lanjaron, Grenada 0 Spain - -
Joanna Anderson email Edinburgh 0 United Kingdom - - -
Mary Anderson email Wilmington DE United States - - -
Jillian Anderson email New Iberia LA 0 - - - -
Elizabeth Anderson email Wells ME United States - - - -
Lesley Anderson email 0 France - -
Samara Andrade email New York NY United States - - - - -
Christine Angel email Portland ME United States -
Five Petal Holistic Healing Center Angela Rauter DOM, AP, LMT email Sarasota FL United States - - -
Victoria Anne Kearns BSc email London (Central - King's Cross) & Hertfordshire 0 United Kingdom - - - -
Diane Ansel email Chicago IL 0 - - - -