What are Rainforest Remedies?

  • Rainforest Remedies are directly drawn for the centuries-old Mayan healing traditions.
  • Rainforest Remedies are extracted from herbs gathered in the rainforest of Belize.
  • Rainforest Remedies is a cooperative company originating at The Ix Chel Foundation in Belize.
  • Rainforest Remedies is a fund-raiser for the foundations' work in research, education and advocacy for traditional healers.
  • Rainforest Remedies are powerful herbal extracts which are fast-acting and effective, providing unique herbal support for specific applications.

What is the history of Rainforest Remedies?

Dr. Rosita Arvigo, an herbalist and Doctor of Naprapathy, met the highly respected Mayan shaman and healer, Don Elijio Panti in Belize where she and her husband had gone to establish a natural healing practice. Dr. Arvigo became Don Elijio's apprentice and studied with him for over 10 years. Rainforest Remedies represents Dr. Rosita Arvigo's work to preserve both the library of traditional healing and the rainforest for the benefit of the ecology and mankind. These formulas have been made in Belize and sold in the United States, Central America and Europe since 1992.

How does Rainforest Remedies benefit rainforest preservation?

From 20-50% of the proceeds from Rainforest Remedies help fund the Ix Chel Center's projects such as support for the Traditional Healers' Foundation, ongoing ethno-botanical research in Belize, administration for he 600 acre Terra Nova Medicinal Plant Reserve. One of the goals of Rainforest Remedies is to demonstrate the economic value of preserving the rainforest for its healing plants by demonstrating the economic value of the rainforest as it stands.

Where can I get information on the unusual herbs in Rainforest Remedies?

The rainforest of the Yucatan peninsula is a very specific herbal capsule. Many of the herbs in Rainforest Remedies were unknown to most of the world until quite recently. Most of the herbs may be found in two books authored or co-authored by Dr. Arvigo: "Rainforest Remedies, 100 Healing Plants of Belize" and "Sastun". Our reference sheet on the herbs in Rainforest Remedies includes botanical and common names as well as traditional uses.

Endangered herbs and any possibly toxic herbs, especially those containing alkaloid compounds, are never used in Rainforest Remedies. All the herbs in Rainforest Remedies exhibit recognized active healing properties. These plants successful survival in the extremely competitive rainforest for many centuries is a result of their development of specialized micronutrients. These micronutrients, along with a full spectrum of trace elements drawn from virgin soil make these wild herbs valuable, concentrated foods.

How are the herbs harvested?

The herbs in Rainforest Remedies are harvested from uncultivated areas already scheduled for clearing and development. Dr. Arvigo calls their work "salvage botany", saving valuable medicinal plants that would otherwise be destroyed.

As prescribed by ancient Mayan traditions, the herbs are always gathered by and with the traditional prayers by herb collectors in the traditional ways. Plant harvesters-gather the mature herbs and dig the baby plants for transplanting into the nursery at the Terra Nova reserve.

Have there been any adverse side effects to the formulations?

After over 13 years of use, there have been no reports of adverse side effects. When a client has reported the remedies "ineffective" dose changes obtained the desired effect.