Additional Products which Support Arvigo Therapy


Hardwood Steaming Stool by Phil Reddick

Hardwood construction for durability and comfort. Stools are approx. 13"H with a 15" x 18" seat.

Designed in 2001 specifically for the Maya Abdominal Therapy.

*To order contact Phil : 303-249-8839     

Price: $USD 98.00


Wombs for Wisdom™ Gift Set by Megan Assaf

Created by ATMAT practitioner Megan Assaf. One-of-a-kind anatomical uterus models which are individually hand sculpted in sturdy polymer clay. 4 oz. and 8 oz. uterus models demonstrate accurate weight, shape and approximate sizes at ovulation and menstruation. Comes with a dual chambered velvet pouch for storage and booklet of ideas for use in your women's wellness practice.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

* To order contact , Megan Assaf: info [at]

Priced at:  $135USD includes s/h and taxes


Rainforest Remedies Tinctures by Muse

All tinctures are extracted in 190 proof grain alcohol and distilled water, using the "weight to volume" method of calculating herb/alcohol ratios to ensure consistency from batch to batch.

The process: Herbs are coarsely ground and combined with alcohol solution.  Daily, the steeping herbs are shaken to encourage active extraction, and prayers are made to honor the plants for their blessing of healing medicine.  After 3-5 weeks, the finished tincture is expressed from the herbs using a high pressure, modern screw-type tincture press.

Check website for current availability.  Available in 1 or 2 ounce sizes; priced at  USD $12 per ounce. ATMAT Practitioners receive a 15% discount on all orders.

To order, contact Muse Lokajícková at


Rainforest Remedies Tinctures

as formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN

Available in 2 oz. dropper bottles ready for your immediate use. Made by Flora's Apothecary with organic alcohol.

To order contact Joann Vollmer:

603-726-7600 or wisewayflora [at]

Offered at USD $21 plus shipping


Rainforest Remedies Tinctures

by CNY Healing Arts as formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN

We offer tinctures in two versions: one with vodka and the other vinegar. All tinctures are 2 ounces.

Currently available are Female Tonic, Male Tonic, Nerve Tonic, Strong Back, Hortence's Formula, Sweet Blood Tonic, Blood Tonic, and Belly Be Good Tonic.

Each bottle is $25. Shipping is $5 for one and free for 2 or more.

To order,contact Erika Lutwin at CNY Healing Arts:

elutwin [at] or 315-671-5755.


Self Care Lotion

Formulated by esteemed Catskill, NY Herbalist- Barbara Fornal to compliment your abdominal self- care ritual.

Specially blended to decrease inflammation, relieve cramping and indigestion, prevent tumorous growth, warm and nurture the tissue, move lymph, and relax the digestive and uterine muscles. 

Ingredients are: Violet, calendula, comfrey, rosemary, lavender, pine, aloe vera, olive oil,  beeswax, and grapeseed extract.

Available in 4oz jars at $30. Shipping is additional.

Call Barbara to order at 845-626-4621



as formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN

Available in 2oz. bottles for $24. %15 off for Arvigo practitioners. Free shipping!

Plant material is processed full strength with care and shaken daily during 6 week extraction process. Made with vodka (organic when available) by Barbara Loomis at

To order call 503-341-0663.

Current stock includes: Female Tonic, Male Tonic, Kidney Tonic, Belly Be Good, Hortense's Formula, Strong Back, Nerve Tonic, Detox, Formula, Flu Away.


Comfort Castor Cozies-

A convenient way to do a castor oil pack in one unit.  Just insert either hot water bottle or electric heating pad.  Add oil on the organic cotton flannel side.  The inside includes wool fabric, enhancing & insulating your heat source.

Prices begin @ $25 & up, plus shipping/handling. 

Contact Patience's email, motherwort [at] for ordering your Comfort Castor Cozie!!!




The faja is a cloth band worn for comfort and support around the pelvis.  Traditionally, Central American women wore the faja to support their uterus.  Use the faja wIth activities such as  lifting children or heavy items, standing on your feet most of the day, or feeling of heaviness before menses.  Great for pregnant mammas, too.  The faja can be worn comfortably as needed to meet the body’s needs or as your Arvigo practitioner advises.


The batik fashion faja allows women to wear the support band over clothes incorporating it into their daily wardrobe; feeling faja-bulous! 


All fajas measure ~ 12 inches x 3 yards,  pre-washed and sewn with love.  Other sizes can be made by request (contact for price).  Order by color tone. 


Price:  $30 USD plus shipping.  15% off for Arvigo practitioners.

Contact info: acuchrisrn [at] ()