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Scope of Practice Form

Scope of Practice Form

1.  Tending the Belly (Online and In Person)

2.  Self Care (Online and In Person)

Both the above classes prepare individuals to utilize these techniques for their own health and wellbeing.  These classes DO NOT equip one to perform these techniques on others as further training is required to be able to do this safely.  These classes DO NOT render one an Arvigo practitioner. 

In light of the above, do you agree: 

  1. To only practice this work on yourself? 

  2. To refrain from using these techniques on other people, whether paid or unpaid? 

  3. To refrain from public demonstrations of this work - either in person, in written or photographic form or via video? 

  4. To not market yourself as an Arvigo® therapist or mislead any person to assume that you are qualified to perform or teach this work?  

Which course did you attend?
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