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Teaching Agreement Form

Teacher’s Agreement Form

The Arvigo® Institute provides you with the training, teaching materials and teaching support you will need to teach classes.  They also provide an online platform to promote your classes in the form of web listings, email marketing and social media.  They are there for you should any conflicts arise.  Below is a list of your responsibilities as a teacher.


  1. Use the trademarks and registered symbols of the Arvigo® brand appropriately and across all your materials - physical or virtual? 

  2. Take responsibility for registering, organising and implementing your own classes - be they virtual or in-person? 

  3. Teach the content of each class as presented to you by the Institute, without modification or alteration. 

  4. Not teach content outside of the curriculum. 

  5. Register all classes through the Institute. 

  6. Once the Institute has registered a student, be responsible for communicating with them in a timely manner and collecting your own monies.    

  7. Plan your pricing responsibly and according to your needs (see Payment Structure document for more information).  No expenses can be claimed from the Institute. 

  8. Maintain respect and care for yourself, your students and your contacts at the Institute.

  9. Refrain for all form of discrimination (racial, gender, orientation, religious, medical, belief system-related etc.) within a teaching space and hold in sensitivity the lived experiences of those who may attend your trainings. 

  10. Prepare appropriately for all your trainings and submit all materials required of you in a timely manner. 

  11.  Report any issues of concern to the Institute immediately.  

  12. Ask for help if you’re confused about content, method or delivery.  We commit to support you.  

  13. Make a commitment, in a way that is true for you, to honor the Spirit of this work.

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