Heather Jean Bruce
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Combining my own blend of heartful hands, love of soulful classical acupuncture and all things womb and mother centred had allowed me to work where most cannot. Then I found Dr Rosita’s work in 2014. After my already 35 years of being a holistic multi modality multi dimensional transformative energy body aligner, this filled in so many gaps for me – professionally and personally. Having found the Arvigo® work meant a much missed aspect presented itself – how to teach others to look after themselves, so they did not need to suffer. I have merged these techniques into my own hands-on intuitive body of work. Acupuncture always my first love, herbs, vibrational healing and all things 'odd' that work . Intensive bundles of care - especially when you feel riddled with adhesions, scars, life residue and troubled stories. See what magic we can weave together. I am only in Cairns (and possibly roving to The Grampians, Vict, and Brisbane till mid August - then back home to NZ..