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Terisha Tatter
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  1. Arvigo® Therapist
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United States
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Hilton Head Island
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South Carolina
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Hilton Head Island
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I always battled with my period. Started then never stopped. Then it wouldn't start. Went on birth control at 15 to STOP my period and make them regular. I was always told by my doctor that I would have a 50/50% chance having a child ONLY WITH medication. I fell off a galloping horse 16 years ago and fractured my pelvis and herniated my Lumbar 3/4, Pilates and Myofascial Release Massage healed me 90% of the way, but when I finally took my first Arvigo class, my uterus "POPPED" back into place. ( I say FINALLY because my husband and I ended up getting married in Belize instead of Italy because of their paperwork process issues at the time, and for three years...ARVIGO kept coming up...calling me to this amazing wonderful work) She (my uterus) was severely glued to the left. 3 months later I was pregnant and carried my son Ethan full term. I used the techniques that were for pregnant mommas and never had heartburn and really never any pain during pregnancy. I have shared these techniques with clients that come from multiple states since 2006 and I find it an honor to continue to do so. My clients are not all female (though I have a strict policy for working with males) and come for digestive issues, abdominal pain, hysterectomy pain, and low back pain..... I love this work. We should teach it to our children...I have taught it to mine.

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