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Bridget Devine
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  1. Arvigo® Therapist
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United States
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Middlesex county
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Envision a future of women who are able to ask for what they want without fear or guilt;
who have more self-care tools available to them; who feel empowered when speaking to their doctors; who feel a connection with their bodies, where they acknowledge the signs of pain & discomfort by responding with curiosity and nurturing instead of shame or resentment.

I remember my first Arvigo session. It introduced me to the possibility of deepening my knowledge of my body. Years later, when I was seeking fertility support, I remembered the work and found it with that original Arvigo practitioner. She saw me through my two pregnancies. I learned a tremendous amount from her and the work. I resolved to keep Arvigo in my life and when the time was right to seek out further understanding, the self-care class carried me on the journey.

Now, after more training, I offer this modality to others. I want to honor these practices and pass on this knowledge to others. I want to see women without shame, being part of the sea change in the world, bringing humanity, creating and respecting boundaries, and sharing love with those around them.

Passion for this work is what drives me. Meet me, work with me and let me share my passion for this work with you.

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