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Zhenya Novareign
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  1. Arvigo® Therapist
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United States
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1313 Girard Blvd. SE
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New Mexico
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87106 - 3115
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Since 2005 I have been on a dedicated path of study, practice, and reclamation of ancient healing modalities that nurture and sustain wholeness on a mental, physical, & spiritual level.

As an Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy practitioner, I work with many clients who have struggled to get real person-centered care to address their reproductive health imbalances. For many, unnecessary medical interventions start as young as 13, when doctors prescribe hormonal birth control for any kind of complaint including period pain, acne & irregular menstruation. This kind of approach completely overlooks the root of these physical imbalances, creating more harm and often even more serious issues further down the road.

This is why I am committed to providing accessible and effective treatment to help those suffering from reproductive health issues.

My individualized programs help clients take their health into their own hands, empowering them to understand how to regulate their cycles, address pain, detoxify from harsh hormonal birth control, balance hormones naturally, heal fertile cycles and advocate for themselves when navigating medical interventions.

I am also amazed that when I hear people talking about healing our cycles and body systems, sexuality is often left out of the equation.
Yet healing our relationship with our body means healing from past bodily-induced traumas, and cultivating a healthy relationship with our sexual desires and expression. As an Erotic Blueprint Coach, I am committed to supporting individuals to heal & reconnect with the sacred potency and power of a positively healthy, radiant relationship to life-affirming, deliciously satisfying sex.

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