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  1. Arvigo® Therapist
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Hello, I'm Joanna Yañez, the founder of Rebirth. I am a certified massage therapist of over 13 years, an herbalist, and doula. I am an abdominal therapist certified in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™, Chi Nei Tsang, and Hara Abdominal Therapy. I also hold three different prenatal massage therapy certifications and extensive training in pre-conception- postpartum support.

I have cultivated an interest in the healing arts since my youth, beginning with my Great Aunt who is a traditional healer. Inspired by my Mexican indigenous roots, I set out on a journey to rediscover all the incredible natural medicine and healing practices in Mexico, in particular, la sobada de matriz, (womb massage). This love and passion has taken me deep into Central America where I studied with traditional healers, and Sobadores (traditional body workers). I combine my knowledge of ancient techniques with modern medicine, anatomy and physiology to provide excellent and attentive care that comes from the heart.

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