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Delphi Marie
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  1. Arvigo® Therapist
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United States
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Earthaven Ecovillage
State  1:
North Carolina
City  1:
Black Mountain/ Asheville
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Delphi is the creatress of Rosehips & Ritual, a women-centered resource that weaves ritual and ceremony into womb healing, transformation, education and empowerment.

She devotes herself to family, community and motherhood, weaving into remembrance the wisdom of the womb.

Initiated through decades of experiences ranging from, fertility, pregnancy, birth, and abortion; she offers you the harvest of an emergent healing journey.

As a Fertility Awareness Educator & LMBT trained in breast massage & abdominal therapies, she provides a space for women to deeply remember what it means to walk a womb centered life. She shares practices, tools and medicines to support women in all phases of that remembrance.

She lives with her husband and four children in a forested off-grid community outside of Asheville, NC.

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