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Kali Levitov ~ DOM, LMT, Certified Thai Massage Therapist, Doula
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  1. Arvigo® Belly Care Provider
  2. Arvigo® Therapist
  3. Arvigo® Spiritual Healing Provider
  4. Pregnancy Practitioner
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United States
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900 NW 8th Ave.
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Hi! My name is Kali Levitov aka Dr. Kali

I am A Creator…Mother, Artist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Thai Massage Therapist, student of Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Essential Oils and Sound.

The majority of my practice is fully devoted to perinatal female bodied humans however I do offer Ayurvedic therapies, Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Massage, and Acupuncture to everyone. My passion is to help you create real lasting transformation so that you may achieve greater fulfillment of your purpose in this life.

I have been walking the path of remembrance and healing for over 20yrs and follow many paths back to the source of truth.

It would be my honor to support you in your connection to source, the elimination of tension and pain in your body, and the inherent wisdom and ability in you for transmutation and transformation.

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