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Ashley Leong
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  1. Arvigo® Therapist
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Body by Design Holistic Wellness
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British Columbia
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Ashley Leong-Lewer is an international pelvic floor trainer, with a background specializing in Maya Abdominal Massage, Hypopressive Therapy, and Nutritional and Herbal Healing.
Ashley focuses on healing from within. Connecting the relationship of how our emotions trigger specific areas in our body (known as our endocrine system & chakras), Ashley connects the link between emotions to tightness in our internal organs (such as our digestive tract) and our muscles (such as neck pain, lower back pain, pelvic floor issues).
. . .
Ashley started her passion to help rehabilitate and heal the pelvic floor when she started her career in injury rehabilitation and noticed that the greatest improvements occurred when she taught her clients how to correctly train their "core".
This was the turning point that switched Ashley's path as a personal trainer. Ashley focused on learning and studying more and more on the integrated system of the pelvic floor. Ashley shadowed and learned from amazing and talented physiotherapist for years and eventually studied with Diane Lee and the teachings of her Integrated Systems Model.
Ashley travelled to Thailand to learn traditional Thai Massage and it's connection to whole body healing, India to learn Ayurvedic Cooking and Nutrition, Indonesia for Herbal Healing, Andorra and Spain for Hypopressive Pelvic Floor Therapy and throughout the United States studying the Feldenkrais Method (somatic movement therapy) and Aquatic Rehabilitative Pool Therapy.

However this wasn't the only turning point that Ashley experienced in her career. One fatefully day, as Chris and Ashley were driving along, a car illegally ran a stop sign, and in an instant, changed their lives forever.
Broken bones, twisted internal organs, internal bleeding, thrush (candida overgrowth) throughout her body, multiple herniated discs, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence and PTSD, Ashley was forever changed.

Being highly connected in the realm of physical and manual therapy, Ashley was treated by all the BEST local injury therapists in the industry - but something was missing. Chris and Ashley needed answers so they sought out the magic of traditional healing from around the world.

After the accident, Chris and Ashley travelled up to the mountains of the Philippines to live and learn the magic of healing herbs and traditional healing with respected herbalist and shamans.

Ashley later trained at the Arvigo Institute for Maya Abdominal Therapy and completed her certification as a Maya Abdominal Therapist in Belize. After completing her certification in Maya Abdominal Therapy, Ashley met Aurora, revered shaman and niece of world renowned healer, Don Elijio Ponte, who took Ashley under her wing and shared her knowledge of healing.

Within just one month of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Ashley was able to realign her uterus and see that there was hope for healing.

Since experiencing this life changing car accident and the ongoing healing that has come with the tragic event, Ashley has dedicated her practice to helping others heal from pelvic floor issues, trauma and chronic pain.

Ashley recently studied Cold Exposure and its ability to boost the immune system and stimulate healing with world record holder, international bio-hacker, Wim Hof. Ashley has since been using hot and cold exposure to stimulate healing and blood flow to the pelvic floor.

Ashley has continued the journey of providing traditional and alternative healing for healing the pelvic floor and the body as a whole, now incorporating Bio-Energy Healing and Cold Exposure to the mix holistic healing modalities that she does. When she works with you, she isn't just treating the symptom, she is working with you as a "whole" for whole-hearted healing and living.

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