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Audrey Post
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  1. Arvigo® Therapist
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United States
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43 Grove St Suite 1
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North Carolina
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Audrey draws on her background in somatic healing and sexual/reproductive health coaching to tailor uniquely supportive healing sessions for women ready to dive deep into womb wellness and transformational healing.

A Massage Therapist and Ceremonial Healing Practitioner with a BA in Holistic Health and Personal Development, Audrey has over 2000 hour of continuing education that span diverse modalities and perspectives in bodywork, yoga, holistic health coaching, herbal medicine, somatic therapy and energy medicine. All the various elements of her education continue to evolve, expand and ultimately work together to allow her to tailor unique healing sessions to suit the needs of each client.

After completing a 2 year Women's Holistic Reproductive Health Coaching certification, in 2018 she traveled to Belize to study Maya Abdominal Therapy. Audrey weaves both modern, trauma-sensitive somatic approaches with ancient, ceremonial healing practices to support the transformation of sexual, menstrual and reproductive health challenges.

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