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Jill Shepherd
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  1. Arvigo® Therapist
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United States
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155 West Harvard Street
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Fort Collins
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Maya Abdominal Therapy changed my life in 2004. I became a Professional Practitioner in 2005. I have assisted in six ATMAT Self Care 3-day Workshops and have been a Teachers Assistance for Professional Care Training in San Ignacio, Belize 2019. Spiritual Healing is also part of my practice as the land of New Mexico, US and Belize, CA have allowed my own spirit to purge and evolve. I continue to offer help to those on my table and have touched over a thousand bellies since 2005. This work is powerful and I continue to honor the lineage of the Mayan People and Goddess IxChel. Thank you Don Elijio, Rosita Arvigo and many other traditional healers for keeping this healing work alive.

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