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Ashley M Greenfield
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  1. Arvigo® Therapist
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By title (because in America we love them.), I am a women's health and wellness consultant, fertility doula, pelvic floor yoga teacher, herbalist, energy supporter, as well as a licensed & board certified therapeutic bodyworker, and Arvigo Manual therapy practitioner. I am also a minister through the Universal Life Church, and a minister-in-training through Inner Visions.

I write and create (art, photography, jewelry etc.) because I love it. I have been training in the practice of energy and earth based medicines from a variety of traditions for the last 15 years. I was raised Catholic and very much believe in the power of that tradition, and the energy of Mother Mary. I have studied practices from Mayan(Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Don Elijio Panti, Miss Beatrice Wright), Peruvian (mesa carrier/practitioner), African, Cherokee (through Dr. Lewis Mehl Medrona), East Asian (Reiki Master(struggle with this title)/Teacher, Thai energy/bodywork, Meditation (SRF, Art of Living), and the list continues. ) I utilize the knowledge of some of these practices, but my ability comes through me from Spirit.

(Disclaimer: Many of the traditions/lineages I’ve learned under have the potential and fullness of being a life path. If you are seeking to know the rich totality of these traditions, let Spirit guide you to a teacher who is a suitable match. I am in no way claiming to be a master of any of these, for to do so, in my view, would be to diminish the power of these lines and the elders that hold the true sacred depths of their wisdom. I have learned/ am continuing to learn, what Spirit guides me to know within these traditions, in support of my healing work. I appreciate every teacher who has blessed me with their knowledge throughout the years. If you desire to know more of about them, please contact me via e-mail.)

In my highest state, I am a vessel for Spirit. If my client is ready, realignment can come forth. You are the healer. It’s my responsibility to support the opening of the channel to what your mind/body/spirit most needs in this moment. I use the methods taught to me (sound, touch, intuition, plants, prayer, vibration etc.) to support the venue for healing.

The greatest power I’ve ever seen any teacher/healer possess, is a humble yielding to a grace so much bigger than themselves. I’ve watched the power of Spirit and the human soul, push back death, dis-ease, and suffering. I’ve personally lost 90ibs (just by learning how to eat and move), and healed from heavy periods (just by realizing what tools (spiritual healing, food, herbs, meditation, wellness therapies,etc.) feed and nurtured different aspects of my unique structure.) This path has grown and protected me in more ways than I can share here. It’s also brought me into rooms with great minds at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Children’s National Medical Center.

Great Spirit and my elders have been my constant reminder and source of strength to stand in my gift and the power of my ancestors.I’ve known since I was a teenager that I wanted to help people; imagining going to homes and healing in exchange for a place to stay or whatever they could give. I don’t believe you chose this path as you would another profession. At some point, through Divine will, you are asked to align to who you must be.

In the time of our ancestors, the medicine people, were taken care of by the community. Now healing has become a bit lost; caught up in money, titles and weekend workshops. Being a priest/priestess, medicine carrier etc is not the glamorous jewelry adorned, sexy yoga pose life that social media paints. Beyond the present excitement of crystals, feathers and ‘magic’, real awakening is fraught with realizations that can keep you apart from so many beautiful but illusory joys of this world. The veil peeling can be painful. There can be feelings of great loss as the realities of the superficial world you may have been born into fall away, to reveal another. But, the beauty and the power of the truth is worth the journey, and many of you are undergoing this growth purge at this time.

We all have a path on this Earth, you are a dream and a reflection made manifest. Your capacity to heal and create are most likely, beyond anything you can imagine. I invite you to take the journey with us (all your brothers and sisters on the path to a deeper connection with life). It may not be painless, but if you keep seeking you, it will be the most rewarding.

With wonderfully overwhelming love,

Ife Miya

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