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Rosalind Ivison
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  1. Arvigo® Therapist
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United Kingdom
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5 The Old Estate Yard, Down Ampney
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I originally trained and worked as a nurse in the NHS for ten years, specialising in renal nursing. I became interested in complementary and alternative therapies through my interest in Craniosacral Therapy, which I subsequently trained in through the Upledger Institute UK. I then obtained a BSc degree in Therapeutic Bodywork from the University of Westminster, where I gained an interest in Structural Integration. I then trained in Rolfing/Structural Integration with Tom Myers and James Earls in Oxford, graduating in 2012.

I trained in Arvigo Therapy with Rosita Arvigo and was part of the very first practitioner training to take place in the UK.

To add more modalities to my practice, I have subsequently trained in the Rossiter Stretching System and am a Level 2 Rossiter Coach. More recently, I travelled to Arizona in 2017 to train in Fascial Stretch Therapy and I am currently a certified Level 1 Practitioner.

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