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Thea Satrom
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  1. Arvigo® Therapist
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Thea Satrom is a Licensed Massage Therapist and proud owner of Solar Womb. Her mission is to help women awaken to the True Power of their wombs (whether they have your physical womb or not).
Self-care starts with body literacy. Body literacy is the first step to having control over your own health and wellness. This requires a basic understanding of female reproductive anatomy and uterine positions (signs, symptoms, and causes of a displaced uterus). Structure determines function and the flows (venous, arterial, nervous, lymph, and Qi) must flow if you want to obtain optimal health. She teaches these basics, as well as sacred tools such as abdominal massage, pelvic steaming, castor oil packs, and yoga therapy. Once blockages are removed and the body is provided with proper ingredients, it can start to heal itself.
Beyond the physical, the womb is a potent source of creation. Thea helps her clients create a new consciousness within their womb in order to transcend the traumas or limitations of the past. Her wish is for every woman to connect to the sovereign power that resides within their womb (or the energy that remains there). Thea’s offerings - Quantum Healing, Solar Activations, and Inner Masculine Alchemy - all provide ways to tap into that power.
Services are available both in-person and online. Find her at to schedule an individual session or package of sessions. Have questions? Not sure where to start? Book a free initial consultation.

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