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Nicole Naomi Gouvea Maharaj
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  1. Arvigo® Therapist
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United States
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Boca Raton, Florida
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Boca Raton
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I am a licensed massage therapist in Boca Raton, Florida, specializing in Ayurvedic lymphatic bodywork + Arvigo® maya abdominal massage. I am also an herbalist + dance teacher. With a combination of bodywork, herbal + nutritional counseling, movement, and spiritual support, my intention is to help my clients in coming to a place of deep healing within their bodies.

Upon finding Arvigo Therapy, all the pieces of my practice have started to come together into one unified path: of restoring one's deep well of energy in body, womb, and spirit. In my own healing journey, I was so often disappointed when looking for answers as my health was never seen in its wholeness--i was always dissected in some way and the path to healing was never very clear. It has become my personal mission to be the practitioner I always needed but could never find, one who understood both the physical and spiritual, who was well-versed in nutrition, bodywork, herbalism, energy work, and more. And most importantly, one who helped me to understand the messages that my body was giving ME! I now understand that the most influential practitioners are those that reinforce to their clients that THEY are the healers and that we merely facilitate this healing with our gentle, loving presence.

Everything about this work fills me with joy, especially seeing women coming together in a place of healing. Remembering the old ways and opening up to the healing powers of the plants, our ancestors, and of the divine all around us. In all phases of our lives--from menarche, to our blossoming sexuality, to motherhood, to postpartum, to menopause and beyond--us women need support. The world is still not a safe haven for women to fully be themselves and to heal, and for this reason, it is a deep calling of mine to be part of this global movement.

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