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Abigail Reagan
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  1. Arvigo® Therapist
  2. Pregnancy Practitioner
  3. Arvigo® Advanced Practitioner
  4. Arvigo® Teacher
  5. Arvigo® Belly Care Provider
  6. Arvigo® Spiritual Healing Provider
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United States
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520 B High Street
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Rebirth is a renewal, a revival, an awakening to something new that can take place many times over a lifetime.
I invite you to engage in the process of optimizing your wellness in body, mind and spirit.
Using an integrated approach of nutrition and lifestyle guidance, manual therapy and personalized care, I work with women at all stages in their lives to support healthy menses, fertility, digestion, pregnancy, sexuality, menopause, and beyond.
I am a midwife, Arvigo® Therapist and Educator and Maya spiritual healing caregiver.

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