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Talyah Donker
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  1. Arvigo® Therapist
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Noord Holland
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1676 GW
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My name is Talyah Donker. I’m a practitioner of Arvigo® Therapy and a student of Ayurvedic Medicine in which I focus on gynecology & obstetrics, lifestyle and rejuvenation. Additionally, I have a big interest in counseling.

Wombodhi stands for protecting and empowering the essence of our feminine bodies, and is created with a belief that women are in need of specific health care; preventive or remedial care with a balanced and whole approach.

It is my intention to empower women to heal themselves and to facilitate the power of holistic and traditional healing techniques to the best of my ability. The main goal is to support homeostasis for optimization of life and to create a favorable inner environment in which our cellular intelligence can thrive. When we find ourselves in a state of equilibrium, we may positively improve our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of being.

Many symptoms women encounter at several stages in their lives aren’t cured at root-level, but rather categorized as some side effect of a natural phenomenon. Often times, the cause of these symptoms, is left in the dark and the brilliance of our body, and what it is trying to tell us, silently lingers until it cannot go silent anymore. Western medicine is good in treatment of symptoms but this, unfortunately, doesn’t always equal health & wellbeing.

Health & harmony are a necessity in embracing our potentiality and developing it into actuality. Self-care is a key component in emancipating ourselves from anything holding us back. In our natural state, we are glorious beings!

In our natural state, we feel safe and taken care of. In our natural state, we feel courageous and graceful. In our natural state, we feel loved and wholehearted. In return, by residing in our natural state, we are better givers, leaders, teachers, lovers, friends, mothers, daughters, sisters… goddesses of the heart. We. Are. Needed.

I’m dedicated to guiding you into your natural state, with tender attention and intention. I look forward to working together and to support you in the process of meeting your needs.

Feel free to contact me and to reach out with any questions.

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