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Sheila Fay
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Arvigo® Therapist
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557 Mt Auburn St
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United States
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I am a board certified Chinese Medicine practitioner and have professional level training in Maya Abdominal Massage™.

My interest in Maya Abdominal Massage (MAM) springs out of my work in Chinese Medicine, since the goal is to bring each person to balance and health. MAM provides the hands-on component of healing, bringing the often forgotten parts of our body into the body-mind awareness.

In addition to my work in MAM and Chinese Medicine, I have training in structural alignment, trauma, herbal medicine and spirituality to support the healing process.

As an avid bicyclist, I understand the stresses that our body undergoes, especially as we age. Healing our pelvic area is not just about uterine & reproductive health; it is about standing in our strength and being able to move into our life with ease & joy.