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Stacey Levno
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Arvigo® Therapist
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United States
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164 Maple St
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As a massage therapist and energy healing practitioner since 1995, and an ATMAT practitioner since 2008. I truly enjoy providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which people can reduce or resolve physical, emotional and spiritual pain through hypnosis and massage for overall health. I am passionate about empowering people, especially women to understand their bodies better and learn simple ways to add in self care practices.

I became a certified Hypnotherapist in the Spring of 2019. I have been excited and fascinated to realize how strongly hypnotherapy relates to creative visualization, some types of meditation, shamanic healing and utilizing the power of the mind/body connection to heal, all of which, I have been exploring since the early 1990s . It is thrilling to embark on this new path while still enjoying helping people reduce physical pain, improve digestion and women to reduce painful cycles and improve fertility.