"I saw Liz Quigg today, and I finally feel at ease and comfortable with how my health is, not because it's been magically cured, but because of the wisdom and kindness that I was greeted with when I met Liz. I'm not feeling desperate and hopeless anymore... and what a session! I'm so excited to have learned your self-massage techniques, and I know I'll be referring many friends of mine to her, just like I've referred many of my friends to your different books that are all amazing. I will be forever grateful to you for responding when many people of your status wouldn't bother, and for helping nudge me in the right direction with health problems that I was feeling doomed to live with for the entirety of this life."

Becky, May 2005

"In the spring of 2004, I decided it was time to try the only thing I knew that might help my infertility. My husband and I had agreed that we did not want to take infertility pills or take our chances on invitro fertilization. We had resolved to the belief that if it was meant for us to be parents then our pregnancy would have to happen naturally. I was 39 years old, and my cycle was changing. Everyone was telling me that I was too young to be going through 'the change'. Every other cycle I was having unusually painful abdominal cramps, backaches and nausea. I was even missing some work.

I had read about the Mayan abdominal massage offered by Kristina Wulbern at Flagstaff Face and Body Spa. I went to my first appointment with the hope that I would at the very least get some relief from the pain and perhaps learn why I was having the discomfort and what to do for it, and with the secret hope that there was a chance I may get pregnant. My first visit was 90 minutes long and included an in depth history of my physical and emotional health. Kristina explained the process of the massage treatments and the importance of my role in the healing process. She also offered me insightful information that would help me to become a stronger, healthier woman. We met about every week or two for about two months. On my last appointment before becoming pregnant, Kristina told me that I would experience a painful cycle and would most likely see some clots. She was right, and in July I phoned her with my happy news! I was finally going to be a mom.

On March 24th 2005, I delivered my healthy son Lucas. I had been trying to conceive for four years and was giving up hope. I know that the reason I hold my son today is because Kristina helped to give us that chance!"

Anonymous 2005

"So much thanks for sharing your absolutely magical knowledge. I know you are VERY busy but I had to tell you how much success I am having with my clients. I have seen client's bodies relax and normalize in 2 or 3 massages that I have been working on for the last 6 years. They are so grateful and I am in shock!! The night that I found your website was truly the best night of this life for me. It has given me direction, clarity and confirmation of what I have felt for the last 40 years. Thank you again for that and for the treatment you gave me at the Roundhouse. I have had no more headaches (even thought I still live with 3 men). My extremities and overall body is so much warmer and everything is flowing like it should. I did not even realize that it was not!! I pray that I can give this wonderful massage all the credit it deserves and you too, thank you so much Rosita and I will be seeing you next year for my Certification."

Sue Jones, RN, RM Practitioner

"Over the past five years after the birth of my son Alec, I have experienced number complications with my reproductive system. I have endometriosis, which seems to have stemmed from the caesarean section I had with Alec. I had a laparoscopy in 2001 to alleviate the pain caused by the endometriosis. The surgery was not very helpful. I had a miscarriage in April 2002, which was quite a blow after trying so hard to become pregnant.

I was able to contact Cindy Aspromonte, a nurse practitioner working for two doctors who had just started their practice. I had three sessions with Cindy who showed me the correct way to perform the massage on myself every day. My pain was tolerable after about a month of self-massage and after the third massage from Cindy. I was on one dose of fertility medication and instantly became pregnant. I can attribute my good news to the Mayan Uterine Massage and to a doctor who believes in homeopathic remedies in his practice.

I believe the Mayan Uterine Massage should be practiced in all gynecologists' offices across the United States of America."


"I knew this work would be fabulous! It is going to revolutionize my practice and open doors I can't currently imagine. I highly recommend this workshop!"

Terisha Tatter, LMT, MAM Practitioner
Atlanta, Georgia

"I cannot believe the breadth of info that was shared in just one week. The information provided was on a whole new level. I feel confident now that I can use this work to help both my female and male clients. Thanks!"

Seth McLaughlin, LMT, MAM Practitioner
Kingsport, TN

"This course is the best I have ever taken. The grounding in deep anatomy with hands on and the emotional blocks treated with respect and prayer is the most complete therapeutic bodywork I have ever experienced. All other classes tend to be a focus on an area or condition. This brings the four dimensions together."

Claire Marie Miller, LMT, MAM Practitioner
Chapel Hill, NC

"I am now 6 moths pregnant and I am looking good. Baby is doing well and so am I. I can not express my gratitute for having done the MAM work cause even though we conceived with IVF I would not have done it with out all the work/ wisdom/ faith/ trust I found by doing the MAM work on myself physically and spiritually. It is a miracle and I have kept notes on every thing that took place from the beginning till now. I have learned so much from this experience and I wish it would be so simple for all the other women who are trying to conceive."

Katerina Simbonis, MT and MAM Practitioner

"I am yet another person whose life was completely revolutionized by the amazing healing powers of you (Rosita), the plants, and the Maya spirits. I think about you (Rosita) often and send many prayers. Thank you. Thank you so very much. My uterus was/is prolapsed, and I am still working towards being fully healed. But the progress has been incredible. It was right around four months after the treatments that I realized that I had lost weight, my skin was clear, and I felt like a strong, beautiful, vibrant woman. People in town didn't recognize who I was -- I had changed so dramatically."

Anonymous August 2008

"As a midwife, I found learning the uterine ligaments to be very enlightening. We do not discuss them in such detail in midwifery school. I feel this course would be a great asset to all women in my field and all women period. "

Self Care Workshop Participant
Portland, Oregon August 2008